St Gregorious Dental Clinic

Decades of Dental Caring and Sharing in Chengannur

Miles of Smiles

1994, was a good year for both amateur and professional smilers. Professionally, Indian Actressses, Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen won the Miss World and Miss Universe titles respectively with their scintillating smiles. Closer to home in Kerala, amateur smilers in 1994 also had cause for celebration, with the advent of the St Gregorious Dental Clinic in Chengannur.

Then as now, these dental professionals take inspiration from the progressive and service centered Bishop, Mar Gregorious (1848-1902).Today over 20 years and many thousands of smiles after Dr Manoj Chandy founded his Clinic in 1994, the spirit of service and the smiles at St. Gregorious Dental shine brighter than ever. Combining a faithful spirit of caring with a modern world view, St Gregorious continues to keep the community smiling"