St Gregorious Dental Clinic

Decades of Dental Caring and Sharing in Chengannur

Introducing the Clinic’s Caregivers

Dr. Manoj T. Chandy: B.D.S: Founder and CEO of St. Gregorious Dental Clinic in Chengannur.Dr. Chandy and the over ten professionals who work with him are in their third decade of serving the people of Chengannur with patient centered, modern dental care.

Dr. Vishnu Mohan

Dr. Manoj T. Chandy

Dr. Nebu George Thomas


Dr. Vishnu Mohan: M.D.S: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Dr. Vishnu is currently serving as an Associate Professor at Azeezia Dental College in Kollam.He is well experienced in managing facial trauma cases, minor and major oral surgery including removal of impacted teeth and orthognathic surgery. He is also expert in providing surgical biopsies and implants.

Dr. Nebu George Thomas: M.D.S: Periodontist: Dr Nebu is currently an Associate Professor at Pushpagiri Dental College in Tiruvella.Dr Nebu expertise in gum surgery is available to the clinics patients. Ailments related to the mobility of teeth, bleeding gums etc are his forte.

Qualified Dentists available during regular clinic hours

Presenting the skilled doctors who work as a team delivering quality care day in and day out to our patients

Dr. Reshmi Liju

Dr. Sahiya Hussain

Dr. Sherine Mary George

Dr. Renju P. Varghese

Dental Nurse and Dental Assistants

Sister Usha




St. Gregorious Dental Clinic appreciates the excellent support our patients receive from our Dental Nurse and Assistants.

St. Gregorious, revered today by all communities in Kerala, continues to care for the community through these fine professionals.